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37 funny comebacks for dealing with rude people

That's not counting 'y' when it is used as a vowel.

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  • Eventually, Nasri secretly proposes to her and together with the rest of the band, try to convince the father, but he still refuses.

  • You're probably right; but it still reminds me of Max Miller.

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And I wonder how many of the younger ones have absolutely no idea what that one was all about! If only you had a stock of funny comebacks to choose from when situations dictate? She thought it was a snake, and hit it with a rake, And now it's only five foot four! What shame, you might have had the Countdown job instead of Carol Vauderman sp? How can you let him in with dirty shoes? Or know someone who does? I'd climb into the honeyjar And make my tummy gummy.

  • Don't be mistaken, don't be misled, Mary came home with a pain in her head.

  • Love and hugs from Rich.

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